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Solely is revolutionizing convenient foods flavor by flavor and category by category. They started with a line of Fruit Jerky made with just 1 ingredient - organic, whole fruit that's cold pressed into a perfectly delicious strips. That simple snack with it's now iconic package has built a loyal fanbase and is sold in over 30,000 stores. The brand has received numerous awards including a Nexty Best New Sweet Snack, Good Housekeeping Best Healthy Snack and Design Rush Best Plant Based Visuals. 

Next up was Organic Dried Fruit, then Whole Fruit Gummies made from just 1 or 2 simple ingredients. 


We continue to work closely with Solely to create branding that embodies their brand promise: only the simple whole ingredients listed on the front of the package.


Who Says Snacks Can't Be Good For You

Solely Fruit Dried Fruit
Solely Whole Fruit Gummies

Innovation has been key to building the success of the Solely Platform and we have been proud to work with them at every step along the way. 


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