Solely is a new natural foods company with the lofty goal of revolutionizing each category they touch. They’re starting with a line of Fruit Jerky made with just 1 ingredient - organic, whole fruit with no added sugars, preservatives or fillers.

We worked closely with Solely to create branding that embodies their brand promise: only the simple whole ingredients listed on the front of the package.

Our work started with management interviews, consumer research and a deep dive into the competitive set. We helped to distill their brand message into a clear platform that included brand personality, positioning and copy strategy. The Solely strategy was then used as the basis for new branding, package design and a company website.



Our Website design extends the brand vocabulary and reinforces the brand personality, creating a richer brand experience.



We developed Solely Dried Fruit as the brand’s first extension. The Dried Fruit package follows a similar architecture to the Jerky with the addition of fruit photography, product focused illustrations and an updated brand promise.


Solely was an immediate hit with major retailers. It launched as a featured brand in every Whole Foods 365 store and continues to gain distribution and new fans.

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