Packaging is a brand's most direct connection

to its target audience.

Workshop combines graphic design, strategic methodology, and original illustration to create a bond with consumers that resonates on a deeper level.  We believe a brand's job is to do more than just get recognized. It should connect and interact.

At the heart of our process is a drive to find deeper brand meaning. We seek original ways to communicate little details and bigger ideas across the brand experience, adding fine-tuned material that inspires a second glance, and stays with a consumer from shelf to home cupboard.

We create branding for families and kids. We look boutique but we think multi-national. We supply exceptional creative work to our clients, and we make sure they're happier for it. We think we can help you.

Our projects come in all sizes, and so
do our clients.

We’ve worked with a wide variety of brands, from some of the world’s biggest names to small start-ups looking to make their mark. We craft the carefully thought out design needed for brands with years of equity, and step out of the box for new and less established brands to help them build their story.

Meet the shopmasters.

Allen Mazie

Managing Partner, Brand Strategist

Allen is responsible for the strategic direction, account management and overall brand development for all Workshop projects. He is driven by the principle that every time a consumer interacts with a brand, it’s an opportunity to build on the brand relationship and reinforce its story.

Allen has over 20 years of experience developing branding programs for today’s most recognizable names including Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Kellogg’s, Pfizer and Nestlé. He has worked in virtually every category and within every target market.

In 2001 Allen founded Brand IQ, a strategic branding agency and then 3 years later, evolved the company into Workshop Branding. His experience and passion continues to show itself through all branding initiatives.

Jothan Cashero

Managing Partner, Creative Director

Jothan Cashero is Workshop’s co-founder and lead Creative Director. With nearly two decades of experience working on everything from packaging to interactive to identity, his design insight and direction is driven by finding solid conceptual solutions before diving into finer visual details.

Jothan earned a BFA from Syracuse University, and rose the professional design ranks working with clients such as Johnson & Johnson, Diageo, Novartis, Cadbury, and Kellogg’s. His passion for this profession is apparent from sketch to final production.

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